如果你喜欢历史,你也会喜欢波士顿. 还有哪个城市是波士顿倾茶事件的发源地呢, 邦克山战役, and the founding of the first African American regiment in the Civil War?

波士顿定期欢迎 学生, 旅游团, and history buffs who want to learn more about the city’s historic buildings, and 买球推荐软件app排名 provides an easy way for you to reach all your destinations. Check out our list of the best historical stops in the city, and call us at 617-314-7577 when you’re ready to book a charter bus for your trip to Boston.



波士顿的2.5-mile Freedom Trail takes you past 16 of Boston’s historic sights. 团体导游, 包括由盛装的历史口译员陪同参观, are usually available (though they’re suspended at the time of this writing due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

If you need an ASL interpreter for the tour, let the Freedom Trail guides know when you make 您的网上预订. 小径可达, 但是因为这需要走很多路, 行动不便的客人可能需要使用轮椅. 如果需要,您可以请求ada访问总线,并且 您的包车司机 should be able to drop you off where the tour starts at 买篮球的app推荐.


There are three oversize parking lots near The Freedom Trail where your driver can park the bus after they drop you off:

  • Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210)
  • Constitution Wharf (1 Constitution Road, Charlestown, MA 02129)
  • 萨金特码头(269商业街,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02109)

如果你只想走这条路的一部分, we’ve noted some of our favorite stops below—but every part of it is worth seeing if you get the chance.


Established in 1634, 买篮球的app推荐 is America’s oldest public park. 到处都是美丽的树木, 喷泉, 花, 和雕像, 冬天,波士顿人会去青蛙池滑冰.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿特雷蒙特街139号邮编02111


This cemetery was dedicated in 1660 and provides a final resting place for many of Boston’s most important citizens. 你们可以去参观保罗·里维尔的坟墓, 塞缪尔·亚当斯, 约翰·汉考克, who was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence.

地址: 粮仓墓地,特里蒙特街,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02108



建于1729年, this Puritan meeting house is where the colonists decided to carry out the Boston Tea Party. 如果你有幸在12月16日参观, you can witness Bostonians performing a reenactment of that historic protest.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿华盛顿街310号邮编02108


Stand on the cobblestones where 5 Boston citizens were killed by British soldiers in the 1770 Boston Massacre, 引发独立战争的事件.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿州街和国会街拐角处,邮编02109


建于1680年,1770年至1800年为保罗·里维尔所有, this house has been transformed into a museum with period furnishings. 你的小组可以在这里停下来了解一下里维尔的生活, 他在独立战争中的作用, 以及他著名的穿越波士顿的骑行.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿N广场19号邮编02113



老北, 正式名称为波士顿的基督教堂, 是这座城市现存最古老的教堂吗. 成立于1723年, 后来,它因在陆地上建造了一座“一座”而闻名, two if by sea” lanterns that Paul Revere looked at before beginning his ride.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿塞勒姆街193号02113


Boston has not one but two important historic trails you can explore during your visit. 黑人遗产步道占地面积1公顷.在比肯山北部6英里处, which was the largest free Black community in America before the Civil War. 这次旅行包括14个景点, 大多数可以追溯到19世纪, and many that were once stops along the Underground Railroad.

You can leave your charter bus at any of the same parking spots you would use for The Freedom Trail, 因为这两条路开始的位置很近. 下船后, visit the National Park Service at 46 Joy Street for free guided tours (temporarily suspended at the time of this writing) or brochures that will help your group explore on your own. 寻求更多指导? We’ve listed some of our favorite stops along the trail below:

Black Heritage Trail通道

Gateway to an Underground Railway stop on the Black Heritage Trail


This beautiful stone memorial honors the first African American regiment in the Civil War. 该团由一名白人上校领导. 罗伯特·古尔德·肖, but the entire rest of the regiment consisted of Black men who volunteered to fight for the Union. 该团最著名的成员之一是中士. 威廉H. Carney, who was severely injured retrieving the regiment’s flag. This courageous act made him the first African American recipient of the Medal of Honor.

地址: 54团纪念,灯塔街,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02108


这座房子是乔治·米德尔顿在1797年建造的, who served as a colonel in the Revolutionary War and was a leader of Beacon Hill’s African American community. Although it’s now a private residence and people aren’t allowed inside, you can see the outside of the building and learn about its history.

地址: 乔治米德尔顿之家,平克尼街,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02114


The 阿比尔史密斯学校 was built in 1835 to serve the needs of Black 学生. 今天, it’s the oldest still-standing school for African American children and part of the Museum of African American History. 内部, 你会发现有历史意义的脚印, 照片, 书, and artifacts that explore the Black experience in the early days of Boston.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿乔伊街46号邮编02114



导游游览的最后一站, the 非洲会议中心 is also part of the Museum of African American History, 也就是说里面都是迷人的文物. 建于1806年, it’s the oldest still-standing Black church in America and served as a community gathering space as well as a church. It continues that tradition today by hosting NAACP meetings.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿史密斯街8号,邮编02114


Boston has so many historic destinations that you’ll find many that don’t fall on either the Freedom Trail or the Black Heritage Trail. 我们在下面列出了一些我们最喜欢的, 作为奖励, these locations are close to the motorcoach parking lots you would use for the Freedom Trail.


The 波士顿公共花园 lies right next to 买篮球的app推荐 and was the first public botanical garden in America. Though it didn’t make the cut for the Freedom Trail due to being established in 1837, it includes beautiful Victorian-style gardens and the iconic Swan Boats, 由佩吉特家族经营了100多年.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿查尔斯街4号邮编02108


约翰F. 肯尼迪总统图书馆和博物馆

如果你对20世纪历史感兴趣的话, you’ll want to add the JFK Presidential Library and Museum to your itinerary. 由著名建筑师I.M. 裴, the museum lies on the Boston waterfront and includes projections, 互动展示, 电影, 以及肯尼迪执政时期的文物.

地址: 哥伦比亚点,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02125


Boston is the perfect place to teach your class about the Revolutionary War or to learn about free Black communities in the 19th century. And if you want to focus on history instead of on traffic and parking, 买球推荐软件app排名可以提供帮助. We provide charter buses operated by professional drivers to take your group anywhere you want to go in Boston. 打电话给我们 617-314-7577 开始计划你的下一个历史之旅.